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Warranty & Service

Our Promise"As one of SA's leading watch retailers, we have world class technical repairs and service for your valued timepieces."


WILBERRYS is the appointed distributor and retail outlet for all brands that we carry.

We also operate the sole authorized and approved service center for our valuable brands.


All watches are serviced locally in SOUTH AFRICA by our brand authorized repair center.

We have the necessary spare parts, skilled technicians and facilities to work on your timepiece.

Our technicians will ensure that your timepiece is back with you as soon as possible.


We offers 7 day returns on all products but we provide warranty service on all timepieces for your peace of mind.

All watch warranties cover the movement/ fuctioning of the watch.

Warranty does not cover normal wear & tear, usage, physical damage etc.


You can send in your watch for service in-store (Gauteng only) or via courier.

Contact our customer support to arrange a return and you will be supplied with service instructions.

We only service timepieces bought through our own authrorized online and retail channels.


Watches sold on auction don't include warranties as they are not sold at retail price.

However, you can add a warranty at checkout at 10% of the winning bid amount.

Auction warranties are optional.


PLEASE EMAIL US FOR MORE INFO AT support@wilberrys.com



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