Thomas Earnshaw

Longitude Regulator

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Part of what makes the Earnshaw brand so unique and attractive to every level of collector or watch enthusiast is the attention to even the smallest details in every timepiece in the collection.

The ES-8085 Longitude 24 hour open heart automatic is a typification of this ideal bringing high end watch making techniques imbibed within the legacy and pedigree of the Earnshaw name into a timepiece that is pleasantly affordable.

The case is a fluid, slightly yet bulbous shape that is pronounced and hugs the wrist comfortably even while measuring 42mm in diameter and 22-20mm in width. While being pronounced and obvious, the watch is nonetheless ergonomically pleasant to wear.

The dial work of the ES-8085 is a tribute to minutest details found in the Earnshaw ranges. A 24 hour display with a radial etching that is painstakingly executed, creates a wonderful level of subtle contrast against the rest of the dial.

This is done for practical and ornate reasons and highlights the 24 hour hand which reads off the hour against a separately applied circular ring which is on it’s own delicately chamfered with remarkable precision and care.

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